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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Helio?


Helio is a social network designed to facilitate healthy, fact-based & uncensored communication between real human beings, learning from the dynamics of offline communities. Helio has built algorithms that reward moderation and respect over polarization, while using optional anonymity to defeat self-censorship, and making it easy to verify the truthfulness of news articles. Lastly, Helio protects vulnerable communities from abuse through a zero-data, anonymous login solution, and rejects anxiety-inducing focus on ‘Like’ & ‘Follower’ numbers. In short, Helio is social media as it should be.

Who is behind Helio?


Helio's Founder team has worked for years on fixing the internet. Co-Founder Bastian Purrer has previously started the nonprofit 'Foundation for a Human Internet'. In this role, he volunteered years of his life to create open source technology to protect online privacy & fight fake news. Technical Co-Founder Ali Irawan has years of experience as CTO in various industry-defining companies.

Is Helio a Nonprofit?

Helio is part of the Better Social Public Benefits Corporation (PBC). A PBC incorporation allows a company to raise the capital required to run a social network, while guaranteeing that our vision & mission are not compromised for profit, no matter our future ownership structure or leadership.

As we grow, we aim to define our vision in collaboration with our users, and enshrine it in our Articles of Incorporation. 


Contact Us

Reach out about job openings, marketing collaborations, or ideas how to make Helio even better.

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Social Media as it should be.

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